Bead Club

The Bead Club is back for its third year with six brand new designs. The Bead Club offers you the opportunity to sample a variety of Debbie Abrahams' beads through a collection of six beautiful and unique knitting designs. Renowned Rowan designers Jane Crowfoot, Alison Crowther-Smith, Carol Meldrum, Sarah Hazell, and Debbie Abrahams have each created an exclusive accessory design for the Club which will be available to everyone! This is a fabulous way to either use up your existing stash or treat yourself to a new project!

The projects will be seasonal, so there will be something exciting to work on for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The club starts in February and runs until December. Every other month each member will receive an exclusive pattern and the beads you will need to complete them with. Each pattern uses between two and four bags of beads and all prices include postage costs.

**NEW FOR 2014** Any of the six patterns can be purchased individually, or all six patterns can be purchased in one go.

  • February / Fondant Hearts Pillow Cover

    February / Fondant Hearts Pillow Cover


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  • April / Tea Cosy

    April / Tea Cosy


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  • June / Mobile phone case slip cover and Tablet cover

    June / Mobile phone case slip cover and Tablet cover


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What is the bead club about?

The bead club is a bi-monthly project using Debbie Abrahams Beads split between 10 months. Every other month members will receive an exclusive design from five top knit wear designers and the beads needed to complete the project.

Patterns will also be available to purchase individually.

How many months will the project run for?

The club starts February 2013 and runs for 10 months. The five remaining instalments will be sent out on or just before the 1st sent out in November due to customer requests for an earlier mailing for the Christmas project!

Alternatively you can have all six patterns sent to you in one parcel as soon as you sign up.

How do I subscribe to the Bead Club?

To apply, add to cart or email to receive an application form and make your payment. When your place is confirmed, you’ll receive a membership number and a confirmation email and then you can just sit back and wait for your first package to arrive in February.

How can I pay for my club membership?

There are four ways to pay for the Bead Club:

Add to cart - Simply add your membership to the cart fill in your details and check out.

Paypal - if you choose this payment, Steve will send you a paypal request via email.

Personal Cheque - Cheques are made payable to Debbie Abrahams Beads and sent to 26, Church Drive, Carrington, Nottingham, NG5 2BA

How will the parcels be sent to me?

Each parcel will be sent by Royal Mail. The first parcel will be posted February 2013. The remaining five instalments will be posted on or just before the 1st of the month. If you opt to have all six patterns sent to you in one parcel then you will receive them as soon as you sign up.

When posting to countries outside of the EU (inc. The Channel Islands) we are required to fill in a CN22 form which is attached to the front of the parcel. We cannot be held liable for any tax or duty that you may be asked to pay on the contents of your package should it be opened and investigated by customs officials.

Do you supply the yarn as well?

No. We only supply the patterns and the beads for the projects, the idea of the club is for you to either use up your existing stash or treat yourself to a new project. We will tell you exactly what yarn of every other month, except for the December project which will be the designer used in the project but it is up to you whether you decide to use the same or go for a different type/make or colour of yarn. The choice is yours!

Do you send full packets of beads or just enough for the project?

Yes we will send you out full packs of the beads (approx. 500 beads in each pack). Not all the designs will use full packets so you should still have some left over for future projects.

How many bags of beads do I get for each project?

Each project contains at least two bags of beads, some have even more!

Can I get the patterns by email so that I can view them on my tablet?

Yes, all patterns will be sent by email so that you can view them on a digital device, as well as having a hard copy sent with the beads.

Information + Terms and Conditions: ·

+ Please be aware that colours can look different on a PC screen or in a magazine than they do in ‘real life’. We cannot be held responsible if you decide that you do not like the design, colour or style of the piece.

+ It is your responsibility to ensure that you achieve the correct tension across your stitches when working through the piece. Failure to do so will affect the amount of yarn that you will use.

+ Patterns will be written using UK terminology.

+ Please protect the design and the exclusivity of the club by not photocopying or passing the patterns to a third party.

+ Payments for Club memberships and individual patterns are non-refundable.